H5P activities list

ID Title Activity type View
1TradesInteractive Book
2Resume OutlineImage Hotspots
3Arts and HumanitiesInteractive Book
4Business and FinanceInteractive Book
5Science and TechnologyInteractive Book
6Bachelor of Education Resume Pt.1Image Hotspots
7Bachelor of Education Resume Pt.2Image Hotspots
8Communications Pt.1Image Hotspots
9Communications Pt.2Image Hotspots
10I.T. Job Pt.1Image Hotspots
11I.T. Job Pt.2Image Hotspots
12Accounting ResumeImage Hotspots
13Software Engineering Pt.1Image Hotspots
14Software Engineering Pt.2Image Hotspots
15Theater CVImage Hotspots
16Theater Tech CVImage Hotspots
17Visual Performing Arts Section part 1Image Hotspots
18Visual Performing Arts Section part 2Image Hotspots