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Resume Catalogue:
Sector Specific Examples for Students

This project was supported by an Open Educational Resource grant through Thompson Rivers University. This project was initiated in response to the need for accessible student resume examples that are industry specific. The creators are a group of career educators who collaborated with subject matter experts and human resources professionals across a variety of sectors to validate these resumes. The content will be continuously updated to reflect current labour market trends and sector needs.

Getting Started

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Project Team

This is a product of the Career & Experiential Learning Department at Thompson Rivers University.

  • Noah Arney, CEL Faculty
  • Leanne Mihalicz, CEL Faculty
  • Sarah Gibson, CEL Faculty
  • Jessica G. Obando, Student Research Assistant

Thank you to our contributors and subject matter experts:

  • Jamie Noakes, CEL Faculty
  • Shawn Read, CEL Faculty
  • Larry Iles, CEL Faculty
  • Chelsea Tuyttens, Employer
  • Kaylee Gillespie, Employer
  • Stacey Smith, Employer
  • John Cuzzola, Employer
  • Lindsay Gung, Employer
  • Mike Steman, Employer


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