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Action Verbs

Most accomplishment statements begin with some sort of action verb, this allows them to feel like they are an impact that happened instead of simply being a duty that was completed. If you’re looking for some inspiration you can try the more traditional list like University of Victoria has created or you could get inspiration from the Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy or the Skills for Success.

To help you we have some examples here to get you started, they’re based off of the Skills for Success and Revised Blooms Taxonomy.

Action Verbs

Achieved Demonstrated Implemented Predicted
Adapted Designed Inferred Produced
Addressed Detected Instantiated Provided
Analyzed Determined Integrated Recognized
Applied Developed Interpolated Reflected
Assembled Differentiated Interpreted Regulated
Carried out Distinguished Judged Represented
Categorized Evaluated Learned Responded
Checked Executed Listened Retrieved
Clarified Exemplified Made Reviewed
Classified Explained Managed Revised
Communicated Extrapolated Mapped Selected
Compared Facilitated Matched Set
Concluded Focused Monitored Sought
Constructed Gathered Organized Spoke
Contrasted Generalized Outlined Structured
Coordinated Generated Paraphrased Summarized
Created Hypothesized Parsed Tested
Critiqued Identified Persisted Translated
Deconstructed Illustrated Planned Used



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